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EHow to use OPAC?

1 Click on the icon OPAC on the desktop.

2 A new window will pop-up with field specific search and expert search.

3 Type the title in the title text box and/ or author in the author text box, search with author surname in the Author search box.

4 Users can enter other search terms such as publishers, keywords and accession no etc.

5 Click on the search button to retrieve results.

6 Select the results from check box and click on view button.

7 @means book is under process , * Means books is issues , # means book is written-off and $ means book is transferred.

8 *12332 means book is issued and @ 12344 means book is under process for binding, # 12325 means particular accession no is written-off.

9 Users can use expert search strategies and indices search.

Note: In case any problem to access OPAC and to learn better search strategies contact Librarian




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