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Q. 1

How can I become the member of the St. Stephen's College Library?



Senior and Junior members of the college have to register in library's circulation counter to become member of the library.


Q. 2

Who are authorized to use the library facilities?



All the senior and junior members, non- teaching staff of the college are allowed to use library facilities. People from other organizations are not allowed to use library.


Q. 3

How can a user recommend a book for the purchase?



Users can recommend a book to be purchased by the library through their respective department heads and personal request is not accepted.


Q. 4

What should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?



If the borrowed book is lost then immediately you should give a letter to the librarian stating the cause. If the book is available, then you should replace the same otherwise you have to pay for the same.


Q. 5

How do I find a particular book or a journal in the library?



Usually Library Catalogue is used to find a book or journal manually. In order to expedite process. You can use the Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) available on the library portal . You can search for the documents by title, author or subject, keywords etc.


Q. 6

How can I borrow a book which is not available in St. Stephen’s College library but available in other libraries?



One can borrow a book, which is not available in St. Stephen’s College library on Inter Library Loan from other libraries located in Delhi by filling up a requisition form.


Q. 7

Where do we get Question Papers of previous years?



Question Papers of all St. Stephen’s courses (under development project) will be available on St. Stephen’s Library Website, click the digital library link on the portal.


Q. 8 Is off campus access to E-RESOURCES  available?








If, I do not know how to use a particular  E-RESOURCE , what can I do?




Please contact Librarian. he will provide you assistance /help in using  e-resource

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