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EDigital Services

College Library provides various digital services to members to keep them upto date with the latest happening in their respective field. Digital services are provided on demand and some in anticipation of demand. Some of the services are listed below:-

a) News update: In the morning, library send news update mail to library members. scope of this service includes academic, latest trends and college news. This service can be availed by giving ur email id to librarian by e-mail on or drop up e-mail in the suggestion box inside the library.

b) Articles update: Members of the library can avail the articles update service in their respective subject area, members have to submit their subject area, titles of journals with their name and e-mail Id to the librarian.

c) E-referencing: College library provides e-refrence service to college community, members can ask refernce questions to library staff through library website. This service can be availed 3:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m only

d) Borrowing of CDs/DVDs: members can boorrow Cds/DVDs, one disk at time can be borrowed and in case of late return defaulter has to deposit Rs. 5/- per day.

e) Video Library: members of the college library can with various documentatries, educational films in the video library section in the library. This is a unique service provided by the library. Ten studnets can sit at time in the video library section.

f) Online catalogue Search: Library provides facility to members to search the catalogue at any time irrespective of location, members can check the status of their account.

g) Online Journals: College library provides access to about 3000 online journals on various subjects, journals can be accessed through website and in case of training to access journals contact college librarian or write to

h) Bibiliography: Library staff complie the bibiliographies on various subjects, this is on-demand service provided by the college library information centre.


Note: Members are requested to give us the feedback, suggestions to improve the digital services of library.




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