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ECirculation Service

Library provides circulation service to members, all students, faculty members, non-teaching staff can enrolled as member. At the time of issue and retrun of books, memebrs must produce identity card to library staff at circulation counter. Members are entitled to borrow the following items :-
Sr. No Category No of Book(s) Period (in days)
1 Undergraduate Students 3 7
2 Graduate Students 4 7
3 Faculty Members 20 90
4 Non-teaching staff 5 7

Note: In case of late return of books, defaulter has to pay 50 paisa per day. Library fine will be added in the term bills of students.

  • Users must ensure the condition of book(s) otherwise borrower will be held responsible.
  • Librarian can call any book(s) in case the demand arise.
  • In case of loss of any book(s), user must inform immediately to library staff at the ciculation counter.
  • Marking with pen or marker on library books are strictely not allowed.
  • Books will be issued and return on Monday to Friday only.


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